25 Block w/ Corner Touch Pay, 20 Wins ($100/square)

This is a 25 block (5×5) pool with no number changes. Blocks are $100 per square and you can play as many as you like.

5 Winners Per Quarter!

This game pays both block winner and four corner blocks touching winning block. 20 winning blocks per game!

Winnings Breakdown Per Quarter

  • End of 1st Quarter: $425
    • $50 x 4 Corner Touches
  • End of 2nd Quarter: $425
    • $50 x 4 Corner Touches
  • End of 3rd Quarter: $425
    • $50 x 4 Corner Touches
  • End of 4th Quarter: $425
    • $50 x 4 Corner Touches
  • (No overtime payout)

The numbers assigned to each block are randomly generated by this website (not a person) when the grid is filled and paid. In this 25 block game style you are given 4 combinations of possible winning numbers. These numbers are your numbers for the duration of the game. Winning blocks are determined by the corresponding number on the grid to the last digit of the teams game score at the end of each quarter. A corner touch win corresponds to the 4 blocks that are directly touching the winning block at corner point making the 5 winners an X shape pattern. On grid edges, corner blocks wrap to opposite side of grid making all blocks on grid have 4 corners. Blocks above, below, left, right are not corner touch. I will mark the winners at the end each of each quarter.

How To Pay For Blocks

All block purchases can be sent free through either Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle to “coryguagliardo@gmail.com” or “443-790-0931”. Cash needs to be given to me by Saturday 2/12/22, whatever is easier for you is fine. I will manually mark squares paid as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can email me at the above address or text/call me.

How Are Winners Paid

The players with the winnings squares can either have payments sent through one of the above apps or given in cash (if local). As I am sent money through multiple channels, if necessary please allow a day or two for money to be transferred into the payment method easiest for you.

*If by small chance not all blocks are purchased, winning breakdown will be adjust to match the same percentage of total amount of money in the pool. An empty block win will be divided evenly across the number of winning players in the pool.

4 Number Combination Example
4 Number Combination Example
Wrapping Corner Touches
Every Block Has 4 Corner Touches Including Wrapping Corner Touches

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